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"Run And Never Return"

One fine Saturday at 11pm, Brad and Elvin were having an exotic delicacy near Vivacity Shopping Mall.

After finishing their dinner, Brad went home in Elvin’s car. Brad was Elvin’s neighbour. Besides, they were also best friends.

When Brad turned into their neighbourhood, he saw a woman standing on the rooftop of a nearby condominium, staring down at them. Elvin was puzzled and told Brad about it.

Feeling uneasy, they decided to enter the building to investigate what was happening and to help the woman. They thought that the woman was stuck on the rooftop. When they approached the woman, they were aghast as the woman’s face was rotten and lots of maggots were spy-hopping in and out of the crevices on the face.

They ran to the exit as fast as lightning. Then, they quickly got in the car and drove off. When, Brad turned around and glanced at the rooftop, the woman had disappeared.

By then, they were two blocks away and yet they heard distinctly, “Run and never return”. Frightened out of their wits, they turned around and saw the woman in the backseat. Then, she disappeared again.

After that night, they were sick and they never used that road again.

Tyrone Liew Shang Chan
Fabian Phua Jun Yuan
OX1M1 2019
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