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A Cat!
Suddenly, I heard a sound coming from my back.  Something was running towards me.  I knew they were the two dogs that were always very nice and friendly to me – in human form.  But now, I was a cat.  Immediately, my mind told me to run.  My feet started to move.  I started to run and I jumped on a wall.  I saw the two dogs.  They were barking at me.  I 'Hisssssseeee....' My fur was standing and my back was arched.  I knew I was not afraid but my new body was very confused and afraid of dogs.  Once again, I jumped, onto the roof to be safe until the dogs went away.
Being a cat was not as exciting as I thought. Although I did not need to worry about my homework, school and tuition I needed to be careful of the two dogs. Besides, I could hear very tiny, small sounds that I could not hear normally and it was kind of weird and annoying.  My body cringed from water.  When I was hungry, I needed to find food myself.  Although I enjoyed being a cat, I missed my original life in my human body.  I missed my life that was full of work, school, tuition, examinations and even stress.
Finally, it was night.  I felt very tired and sleepy.  I fell into a deep sleep, wishing I could change back.  The nest day, when I woke up, my wish came true!  I had turned back into a human and I had my normal life back.  Everything was just like a dream and no one except me knew what had happened, to this day.
By Toh Wei En
OX1M1 2019
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