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Water Day
Those childhood days in school were unpredictable, because you could never tell what would happen next. We were always learning to survive, and we never stopped competing with each other, in particular when it came to playing games. That was when someone in the class invented this silly game.
I guess you could say we were all quite stupid and ignorant at the time, and that consequences didn't mean a thing.  Anyway, we usually played this game between lessons as that was when we had a bit of time while waiting for the teacher to arrive. It started with the boys in our class who were always messing around.

The game went like this. Anyone who wanted to participate would need a full bottle of water or sometimes half a bottle, depending on how much water you had left. The rules were flexible. Like I said, we were all very stupid. The game was, for some reason, interesting and always attracted a lot of us to join in the fun.

So, on that particular day, the bell rang and everyone scrambled from their seats. It was time for some fun. I glanced at all the 'competitors' for the day. They all looked weak to me, much to my relief. You see, it was my best friend's fault as she had signed me up for the craziness without my permission. We were briefed and told to finish all the water in our bottles within a short time - and the person who finished first would be the winner but sadly would get nothing for it, well, except for five minutes of fame.

I was well prepared right then. I think that we were causing a bit of a chaos because all the students had started crowding around us and making me feel a bit embarrassed and slightly dizzy. The game started as soon as one of the boys gave the signal. I grabbed my bottle and started guzzling. I could feel the water flowing down my throat and into my body. Everything seemed to be going well. The other competitors were not weak as I had expected. They changed from a sick cat to a tiger just as the signal to start was given. It was like they had just awakened from a long dream. But I still managed to beat them all! Anyway, I was brought up to be tough. Only when a droplet went down the wrong way that I coughed and spluttered a bit and I was forced to stop. The pain felt like needles in my eyes. The competitors caught up with me fast. I had no choice but to get on with it.

I put the bottle to my mouth and took one last swig at it. It was hard but I managed to get through it. There was still a gulp left and I soon felt like vomiting. I think I must have finished at the same time as another competitor, but too bad for the boy, because just as he was about to claim victory, he puked and was instantly disqualified. I had won the game! Hooray for me a hundred times. It was not really a great achievement but it was somehow meaningful to me. The only thing I achieved was perhaps a little friendship as I helped the sick one to the toilet to clean up. Still, it was a good feeling and one which lasted the entire day.

By: Florence Boon

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