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The funniest tuition class I've ever had

One year ago, when I was twelve, I remember how I used to hate going for tuition.  It was especially worse last year because all the teachers would give us homework all the time and kept reminding us to get straight A's in the exams.  It seemed like that was all they cared about.

One day, as usual, I arrived at my intensive Malay tuition late.  I had no choice but to sit in the second class because there wasn't a single seat left for me in the first class.  I can remember sitting there, and listening to the teacher drone on and on because both classes are linked.  I sat there half awake with my friends that had arrived late as well.

Suddenly, a guy named Aaron Tan got thrown out of the first class.  As there were no more chairs available in the second class, he had no choice but to sit on a biscuit tin.  Everyone cracked up because we could only see his head.

The biscuit tin suddenly broke into two and he fell off and ended with his arse on the floor.  Everyone was startled, and started cracking up again.  My teacher came out of the first class to look at what was happening.  Some of the biscuits in the tin had got into Aaron's pants.

The teacher got very angry because all his biscuits had been crushed byhim.  Without thinking, Aaron got up and went to the toilet.  All of the crushed biscuits that had got into his pants fell out onto the floor. The teacher got even angrier and asked him to clean up the mess.  We were all giggling and trying to stop laughing because we were not allowed to laugh.

In the end, we all had to stand outside the class for making all the commotion and disrupting the class.  The truth is, we actually enjoyed being made to do that because we had a good time talking and making fun of the teacher outside the classroom.

In the end, we all agreed that Aaron was the 'saviour' of the day because he had saved us from what would have been another afternoon of sheer, insane boredom. From that day onwards, we all became good friends.

By : Melanie Ting Mee Chee

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