A Childhood Memory

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How I broke my left hand

I once broke my arm when I was three so I can't really remember much about it. But the other time it happened was different. It was just last year, at around May or June, sometime during the mid-year holidays, and I was playing chase with my cousins and siblings in front of my grandma's house. There is also a construction site opposite my grandma's house and we were playing near it.

There were eight of us, two were given the job to catch and the rest of us ran. Those who ran usually won the game until two of the fastest and eldest among us were given the job to catch. That was when the game got excited and dangerous.

Running from 'the chaser' wasn't easy. For them the game was a piece of cake. They didn't have to break into sweat to capture us. I took refuge near the construction site when I saw the youngest among us who was just a wee girl being chased by the chaser, Melvin. I must admit, she was really fast for her age, but still, she looked like she was being chased by a bull. Melvin got her easily.

After fifteen minutes, me and another cousin, Jarret were the last one standing. Unfortunately, Melvin saw him and ran after him. Both of them ran like crazy, I wanted to help but it was suicide because the other chaser, Terrence, had his eyes on me.

After running like a madman for ten minutes, Melvin finally caught Jarret, I was the last one standing and they were coming for me. They soon cornered me; there was a big drain and a big pile of sand in between us. I saw a gap in between them. I tried my luck and jumped over the drain and on to the sand but I pushed my luck too far and slipped. I fell headfirst but luckily my left hand shot forward and supported my whole body which resulted in me breaking my hand.

Everybody started laughing. They thought I was just playing. But the pain was real. Well, you would want to know what happened next, don't you? My mother helped me inside and put a bandage around it but it still hurt like hell. After a few months, it finally healed and we still play the game when we have the time.

By Chen Dick Yang

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