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A Play Script

This story is about a girl named Annie who lives her life being beaten every single day by her drunk father. Her mother is always busy with work and rarely home so Annie has to do the housework, too. She always has to endure the pain she's suffering without having the courage to say anything.


We see Annie doing the dishes. Dad walks in drunk, holding an empty bottle of beer.

DAD : Annie! Get me a bottle of beer!
ANNIE : You've had enough for today, dad.
DAD : Just get me the bottle of beer!
Dad throws the bottle to the wall beside Annie. Annie jumps in shock and fear.
DAD : You do NOT talk back to me, do you understand!?
Dad grabs hold of Annie's arm tightly. Annie winces in pain and trembles uncontrollably.
ANNIE : I-It...hurts...... L-Let me go... Please......
DAD : Shut up!
Dad slaps Annie hard and lets go of her arm. Annie falls to her knees, sobbing quietly.
ANNIE : Why? Why are you doing this to me?
DAD : I said SHUT UP! Look at me! LOOK AT ME!
Dad grabs Annie's chin hard and jerks her head up roughly.
DAD : Do you understand me? I told you to get me a beer!
Annie stares at Dad, not moving.
DAD : I said get me a beer!
Dad kicks Annie. Annie falls on her sides. Annie cries harder.
DAD : Listen to me when I'm talking!
Dad kicks her again. Dad unbuckles his belt. Dad whips her with the belt.


We see the bottles of beers and empty glasses on the table. Dad drinking on the sofa, a glass in his hand. Annie comes in to clear the table.
DAD : Annie!
Annie, surprised, drops the glass in her hand. Dad gets up and slaps Annie.
DAD : You just dropped the glass!
ANNIE : I-I'm sorry......
DAD : Sorry isn't going to fix the broken glass!
ANNIE : I-It was an accident.
DAD : You did it on purpose! You don't want me to drink so break my glass!
ANNIE : N-No... That was accident... I'm sorry......
DAD : All you say is 'sorry'! I'm sick of your 'sorry's!
Dad kicks her hard.
ANNIE : Why do you do this?
DAD : What? Did you just talk back to me!? I told you not to talk back!
ANNIE : What did I do to deserve this?
Annie looks at Dad with hatred.
DAD : Don't you look at me like that!
Dad slaps Annie.
ANNIE : What have I ever done for you to hate me this much!?
Annie takes a step back, shock. Annie starts crying.
ANNIE : You never loved me? As your daughter?
DAD : You are NOT my daughter!    
Dad points an accusing finger at Annie. Annie stares at Dad with horror and sadness.
ANNIE : H-How... How could you say...that?
DAD : You were never my daughter! The only reason I even took you in my care was because Abby pitied you!
Annie looks confused.
ANNIE : H-Huh? Mom pitied me?
DAD : Don't you understand!? Your parents died because of you! Abby and I are not your parents! Your parents died in a car crash! You managed to survive but they didn't! It's your fault they're dead!
Annie falls in shock of the news. Annie trembles in fear.
ANNIE : W-What? H-How?
DAD : Your parents...are dead because of YOU!
ANNIE : N-No...... That's not true.......
DAD : It's all your fault! You don't deserve a happy life when your parents are gone!
ANNIE : N-No...... It can't be......
DAD : It was your fault... Your fault!
ANNIE : N-No... NO!
DAD : It's all your fault!
Annie closes her ears with her hands and shuts her eyes. Annie screams.
DAD : How dare you say that!
Dad slaps Annie. Dad grabs Annie's wrist and pulls her up.
ANNIE : That's not true... That's not true!
Annie struggles out of Dad's grip. Annie runs out of the room.  

Written by,
Ameerah Angelina, OX2TAM 2014
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