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About me

My name is Alysha Binti Bujang. People usually call me Sha or Lysha for short. I am a 13-year old girl and I'm just like all the other ordinary 13-year old girls - the only difference is that I have pretty long hair and it catches people's attention.

When I'm out with my hair down, people will start looking at it and before you know it, they will be running around to find their friends and they will then start whispering about me, which gets me really annoyed. That is when teenagers or someone older than me sees my hair, but when kids look at my hair, most of them would stare at it until their parents wonder what it is that is making their child stop walking. Like most people, they, too, usually end up shocked when they see my long mane. Sometimes, when I'm walking past them, they would shout, ''Pontianak!'' ('pontianak' means some sort of a long-haired ghost in Malay)  And when that happens, it makes me feel like punching them even though they are just kids. Sigh…

Let's stop talking about annoying people. I know that's a bit rude but that's how I usually describe them, and I would now like to share with you my likes and dislikes. I like a lot of things actually, for example reading books, playing computer games, hanging out with my friends, playing with my pet cat and a lot more! I dislike doing chores, (I mean who doesn't?) playing the games that my English teacher (from school) usually asks us to play, and studying, of course.

My best friend is short but nobody cares. She can easily blend in with people around her age, and let's just say she talks a lot. When I say a lot, I mean she just never seems to know when to stop! People call her the ''Malay Gossip Girl''. She is a fun girl to play with and she knows a lot about other people's secrets which can be dangerous, but I have a lot of fun with her.

I have three brothers and a sister. My eldest brother is 27 years old and he studies at the International Medical University (IMU).  My sister is just four years younger than my brother and recently graduated from University Putra Malaysia (UPM).  My other brother is 21 years old and he is studying at The Otomotif College (TOC).  Last but not least, is my 17-year old brother.  He studies at SMK Green Road.  That makes me the youngest in the family.  My father is 57 years old and he works at Normah Specialist Medical Centre.  My mother is a housewife and she is now 50 years old.

I have a pet cat and he is about to turn two years old this March. He is fat and furry and disgusting. Sometimes, he doesn't poop inside the litter box and does it (or even vomit) near his food bowl instead. Disgusting isn't it? Even though he does that, everyone in the family still loves him.  I guess he is a part of our family, and almost like our little brother. I mean who wouldn't love a cute and cuddly kitty?

Next, I'm going to talk about my school. I studied at SJK Chung Hua No.4 for six years. I loved that school just like everyone else there but eventually I turned 13 and moved on to continue my studies at SMK Green Road. I am still trying my best to fit in but I sometimes feel like I don't belong there. I miss my old school, but no matter what, I am just going to try my best and never give up.

This year my goal is to fit into my new school and make new friends. My wish will forever be the same and that is to get good results and achieve my dream and to be proud of myself, my family and my country.

Written by:
Alysha Bt. Bujang
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