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Adrian Ng Yung

Student Success > Commonwealth Essay Winners 2017


Every day, when I wake up, the first thing I would do is pray, that there will be peace among us. No matter where I am, no matter where I go, there will be the sound of guns firing, the sound of fighter jets flying around in the sky. I guess you will used to it if you are a marine. I would spend all my birthday wishes, all the ladybugs I find to wish that those sounds will disappear from existence. I've had enough of watching innocent people die. Men, women and even children would lost their lives in the bombings.

"Sean! Sean!" That was the first thing I heard when I woke up. Only this time, it was different. I could hear shots being fired as if they were outside the barracks. "Sean! Grab your weapons and go! Hurry!" Even though I was tired, I ran as fast as could. It looked like our base had been attacked! We flew back to Britain to regroup. But when we reached there, there was nothing left. Britain had been attacked! Many of my teammates started to give up. I tried to stop them from ending their lives but, the horror was too hard to beat. I almost took my own life when I heard that my family had died. No matter how many times I had pointed my gun to my head, I still couldn't pull the trigger. Something kept holding me back. Seeing them taking their own lives reminded me of the past but I would never let it decide my fate.

I decided to go alone. It had been four days since I ate something. I was exhausted, then I collapsed. When I woke up, I heard the sound I had been waiting to hear a long time. The flowers were blooming, birds were chirping and the sunlight shone on my face. I woke up, and slowly walked to the door in my room. I slowly opened the door and it exploded on me! I woke up in a shock. I then realised that I was sleeping!

I started to recall how I woke up. I heard a loud lightning struck behind me. I ran into an abandoned building nearby. The lightning struck right behind me. I was flung into the building. My entire back was burned. It was very painful. I tried to get myself up and search the area. It was a miracle that I found a load of supplies. Bandages, morphine, food, water. Everything was there. I stayed there for a few years. I kept scavenging for supplies in the building. I stayed in as they could run out anytime.

The best thing was that I got to live my life in peace in the abandoned building. I did not really hear much fighting around. Every day, it was quiet and peaceful. I was very contented. I still could not believe what I had been through. I had a lot of sufferings just to get to where I am now. I guess it is worth well now.

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