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The Life Changing News

I wanted to get into a school in Australia, The John Curtin College of the Arts. Last year I got lucky as they were having auditions for Year 6 students. My mum decided to sign me up.

The problem was that I was having the UPSR exam the same year. I was worried as I had to go to Australia in April. Before I left, I had to fill in three forms about myself. I had to write everything myself. I remember writing about it nine times before my mum said it was okay. By then, my hand was dead.
So in April before Good Friday, my mum and I packed our bags and left for Perth, Australia. When we arrived there, my uncle picked us up. We stayed at my cousin's house as she had gone travelling.

I had to choose three out of four programs. I knew right from the start that I would choose dance, musical theatre and drama. Basically, there were three steps in the audition. First, you went for one lesson. Then, if they thought you were good, you would get a call-back. After the call-back, you would be invited to go for an interview.

So first, I went for the dance audition. I really enjoyed it. We did the contemporary. The class was an hour and fifteen minutes and I enjoyed it very much.

We didn't do much in the next two days. Then the school called, and said I was called back. I was so excited. The next day, I went for the musical theatre audition. I had to sing 'Supercalyfrenjeliticacialydocious'.  I did not get called back for it. I was slightly disappointed.

A week later, I went for my call-back for dance. We did an hour of ballet and half an hour of contemporary. The class was really fun. All I had next was to pass my interview.

On the last day I was there, I had the drama audition. The drama teacher was very, very fun. Then, we went to my uncle's house. I went into my cousin's room and there were two 'lumps' of blankets on the bed. My cousin suddenly threw me onto the bed. My other two cousins' heads popped out. I was so happy to see them.  After that, we went out for dinner and they told me all about their trip to Europe.

When I got back to my uncle's house, I played with my niece, Venice. At 10 o'clock that night, my uncle drove us to the airport.
When I arrived back home, my mom told me I didn't get called back for drama. A few weeks later, I went to ELC to do the Australian school exam. Two months later, a guy called to interview me . I was so nervous, but somehow, I managed to get through it.

In August, the school called my mom about the results. My mom spoke to me in a mad voice. Then, she said I had got into the John Curtin College of the Arts. I was so very, very happy.

I had been waiting for a long time for the good news. This year, I am doing an audition for Australia's top ballet school, The Australian Ballet School. I really hope I can get in.

By Imogen Chan
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