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The Argument

I had a boring  life until the age of six, which was then my third year in kindergarten. All of a sudden, I arrived at some sort of a new stage in my life, and learnt to look at things from a different perspective.

Although , on hindsight, it now seemed like a minor argument, it certainly taught me a remarkable lesson, and one which I'd hoped would never happen again. As a matter of fact, I was quite ignorant and stupid as the other kids of the same age. All I knew were eating and drinking and sleeping.

It all  happened around the middle of the year, in the month of May or June. At the time, we used to have a playground in our school. The playground was equipped with every single wonder that would ignite a six-year old' s imagination. Anyway, it turned out to be my favorite place in school,  aside from the swimming pool.

Me and my friends would mooch around in the playground during morning break, and once, this impudent friend of mine pointed her finger at me because she had tumbled down the slide instead of sliding down, and scabbed her knee. She immediately thought that someone must have pushed her. As it turned out,  I was to be the prime suspect  just because I happened to be the only kid near the slide, waiting for my turn. Of course, I vehemently denied any wrongdoing, and was completely aghast that she should have suspected me in the first place. I mean, how could she? After all, it was not possible for me to have pushed her down the slide when I was standing on solid ground.

I was sure that impudent girl had failed to allude to general common sense in making an inference. Instead of arguing back, I tried to reason with her, but she just wouldn't listen. This soon set fire to an argument.

As a matter of fact, the argument ended as quickly as it started, and just as luck would have it,  the bell rang. Like I said, we were all very angelic six-year olds, and we fancied peace and detested arguments of any sort.
Life is funny.  Sometimes you learn that it's the little things in life that eventually shape your character and turn you into who you are. I've learnt to stay out of paranoid people and hide as soon as someone begins to suspect me of doing something I haven't done.

by Florence Boon
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