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An Early Memory

I have a lot of early memories I can recall. Some are interesting and  some are funny. Most of them happened at school with my friends. Well, this interesting incident happened  in school last year.

It was a Friday and I was on my way to class. When I walked in, I saw students crowding around a friend's table, Cheryl. I wondered what was so interesting. After I put my bag down, I walked towards the crowd at Cheryl's table.

And I was surprised that Cheryl had brought a hamster to school. But pets aren't allowed in school, and I thought what would happen if a member of staff saw it? The hamster was in a small cardboard box. Cheryl then took the hamster out of the box. It had red eyes and white fur. Everyone wanted to touch it because it was really cute, and some students even held it in their hands. When the bell rang, the students went back to their seats. Cheryl gently placed the hamster back into the box and put the lid back on. The box had some holes to allow the hamster to breathe.

We kept very quiet about the hamster the whole morning. We did not want the teacher to know that our friend had brought a hamster to class because we wanted to play with it.

During recess, the students hurried to Cheryl's table again to have another look at the hamster. That was when she suddenly dropped the hamster. A student was about to pick it up when it scurried under the tables and chairs in the classroom. Some girls were trying to avoid it as it came running towards them, while some tried to catch it.  When the hamster was running towards the door, I finally caught it in my hands. It was lucky that the hamster hadn't run out of the class or got stomped by someone's foot. If not, I dread to think what would have happened.

Then I returned the hamster to Cheryl. She thanked me and the other students. The students then laughed about the hamster chase. And I was glad to be the one to have caught the hamster. The incident was somehow funny. And it was a memorable incident that happened in school.  
by: Joanne Lim Fung Sian, OXITAM
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