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Ashley Chai Chang Le

Student Success > Commonwealth Essay Winners 2017


Peace is a word that brings freedom to any living things that exists on Earth. Actually, it is meaningful to all people because it can be spread and can be learnt by others. But unfortunately, many people still don't know the true meaning of the word "peace". They don't even know how peace can spread throughout the world.

Honestly, what is peace? Well, it can be explained in these ways. It can be used as a finger sign that shows "V" for victory. This sign means great success in some work or something important. It is good to show this finger sign if we have success in a competition or a tournament, except in the US. This is because this finger sign refers to a female's reproductive organ, or as it say as a female's vagina in the US. Although it is a perverted finger sign in the US, but it is still a good sign to everyone in other countries.

Moreover, peace means being safe without war. Nowadays, the whole world is trying to be at peace, but unfortunately, war, the biggest enemy has not been solved yet. For example, people are running and hiding from gun fires and explosions in Syria because of war. If anything goes wrong, Syria will be the most terrifying battlefield in the history of mankind. To prevent it, we have to protect our homeland, love our citizens and care for them no matter what happens.

Thus, there are two types of peace within humans. One of it is "inner peace". It means peace in somebody's mind, body and soul. It was declared as the highest existence among humans by martial artists in China. This is because the path to be a successful martial artist is guided by inner peace. It is the greatest training for us to know exactly who we are and what we are capable of.

The other one is called "outer peace". This can be obtain by the ones who have inner peace. Outer peace means peace that surrounds all of us. The meaning is similar, so that everyone will know it easily. It is good for the younger generation, especially kids and teenagers. With outer peace obtained, the future will be protected by the next generations. It gives an advantage for those who decide to protect their future.

Sometimes, war is also known as "fight of peace". This is because this war is for finding their peace for their future in some countries. This decision has caused misunderstandings with each other. Most of the reasons are because they are chasing for a different objective. It may bring benefits to those who decided to do it, but what about the others? Although war has a good side, it also has its own dark side. Just like my old man's words, "Where there is light, there is darkness."

In fact, peace is a word that is used to bless others. For example, "Rest in Peace" (R.I.P) is used when somebody passed away and craved on his or her grave. The word is used so that the dead will leave this world without regrets. Without it, the world we know will be full with paranormal situations. That's why many people bear in mind that they have to give blessings to their loved ones so that they would come back. It is good to bless someone, not cursing him or her.

The people who love peace are called "peace-lovers". They love peace and dislike quarrelling with anyone. Usually, this type of people are normally rare in any countries. As an example, there are only four to five people who have this habit in a group of a thousand people. Even scientists have showed the percentage of these people are lower than expected. Most countries really need these people because they can develop a more peaceful world in the future. As a result, countries are trying to educate this kind of people to protect the future.

Also, the ones who make peace is declared "peacemakers". Usually they are a group of people who have obtained both inner peace and outer peace. They will act when problems happen as they think others need teachings. They would prefer their homeland to be free from war as they act. They mostly do lots of hard work and help lots of people, sharing their thoughts with others. People should take them as their role model to promote peace.

In spite of making peace, peace-offering is also a good way to bring peace to the world. Peace-offering means willing to make peace or feel sorry for something bad. It can be a good way to apologise to someone. This expression can be bored by giving gifts or presents to anyone they feel sorry for. But, people should pick the right present to avoid misunderstandings. Or else, fate can't be changed after that.

As a conclusion, peace can only be achieved by understanding each other, not forcing. Lastly, I wish that the world will be a peaceful place, so people can live in peace and harmony.

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