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Ashley Masing OX4

ELC's Got Talent


Yu Ri sat on the cold cement floor of her apartment bedroom. She wore a blank expression on her face, refusing to feel anything, her emotions restricted by guilt. Unwanted memories began flooding in. She was too mentally exhausted to try to block them.

The window was open. The curtains were blown gently by the silent wind. Yu Ri stared at the sky as the events of the previous day began replaying themselves.

It was her birthday and and Yu Ri's boyfriend Hoe Beum was taking her to the butterfly park in a nearby street. Since she was young, Yu Ri had admired butterflies , she was captured by the colourful wings and intricate designs of the different species. When she heard there was a butterfly park opening, she begged Hoe Beum to take her there.

He arrived at the park early as Yu Ri didn't finish work till later. As she prepared her things to leave for the park, she noticed that the sky was becoming dark. Ten minutes later it was pouring heavily.

Yu Ri telephoned Hoe Beum to suggest that instead of the outing to the park, they could celebrate with snacks at her place. Halfway through the conversation, she was cut off and her lover's voice was replaced by a beeping sound. She thought that was strange because Hoe Beum would never hang up before completing a conversation. A few seconds later, loud booming sounds could be heard from outside. It was thunder.

Worried , Yu Ri drove over to the butterfly park. As she got out of her car, she noticed an ambulance and a huge crowd gathered around it. Her heart began to race as she rushed to the middle of the crowd, the rain camouflaging her tears. She recognized the burnt face and bleeding arm of Hoe Beum and she fell to her knees crying. The crowd now turned their attention to her but all she could think of was the fact that her lover was dead, struck by lightning because of the telephone call she had made to him.

The whole night she stayed awake, trying to convince herself that it was all a dream. But she knew that it wasn't. Now she wondered whether Hoe Beum still loved her, as she was responsible for his death. She felt tears coming but she held them back. A person like me doesn't deserve to cry she thought to herself.

Suddenly, a blue butterfly landed on the frame of the open window. It seemed like a sign of forgiveness. A sign that Hoe Beum still loved her. Soon her blank expression became a small smile.

Tears began streaming down her face.

Ashley Massing, Oxford 4

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