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There is no cure

At that moment, I was suddenly awake, and believe it or not, it was 1 o'clock in the morning, and guess what, I slept at 12 sharp, midnight of course, and woke up an hour later.

Who wouldn't be exhausted?

Great, I was so close to slumber land, but I got dragged out, thanks to the mark on my palm.

How are marks related to sleepless night? Oh, did I forget to mention? Those were burning marks, the pain was almost impossible to describe, there are not caused by the typical fire you see every day, nor some corrosive substance.

And the most awkward part, I was actually shrieking, a grown up like me, was actually shrieking, it proves that the pain was extreme. And thanks to my high pitched voice my roommate woke up, without me acknowledging about it.

Being in the dark, the pain was, well, almost the last thing I wanted, but something more terrifying that almost scared the wits out of me, was indeed my roommate, Hearth which I thought was asleep. Her head just suddenly poke out of nowhere, and with her messy hair, lightened up a bit by moonlight, I almost mistaken her as Medusa. That's not funny!

"It's hurting isn't it," Hearth whispered.

I opened my mouth, but somehow I lost my words. My, my, did the pain intricate the path of my nervous system? This proves how much pain I'm going through. I nodded, indicating a yes to Hearth.

As seconds passed, the pain worsen. Hearth sat beside me, she held my hand and with her left hand, she gently came in contact with my scar, as soon as she touched it, she immediately released my grip.

"Ouch" she said. Her right grabbed her left hand, her left hand started to swell, badly, as if the scar was some kind of fire source.
"It has worsen quicker than we thought." She murmured.

"I can see that, thank you very much." I said sarcastically and rolled my eye.

"At this rate you'll have to see the Healer first thing in the morning."

"But didn't we make an appointment with him next week."

"Change of plans, you can't drag any longer."

Great, I thought. I wanted to ask her, what will happen if I didn't get the cure in time. I more or less figured it out; I'll say Hi to death.
Hearth seemed to have read my thought, she rested her hands on my shoulder, "You'll be fine, and we'll get the cure in time." But I sensed that her voice was quite shaky, she wasn't that confident. And she seemed... worried.

Me, safe? That sounded so wrong.

It's weird how we never notice and appreciate nature and actually realise how fortunate we are. It always only when you know you're just metres away from the Doors of Death then you start to realise the existence of things. I glanced out of the window, witnessing sunrise, the lights radiating from the giant fireball ignited the dark sky.

A ray of Light, there is still hope.

That's what people tell me. A dying person like me, do I still have hope? Each day, I've been praying and hoping I could be alive the next day. Each night, I bear the pain so great that I believe no one had ever experienced. How did I survive all of these?
However long the night is, Dawn will break.

But how long could I sustain my life by merely motivating myself with inspiration quotes? Only God knows.

"You're awake early." Hearth said. I threw her an exasperating look and replied.

"I never slept."

"Well that explains the panda look you have on your face." She sensed my sorrow and tried to keep me cheerful by cracking some joke, which I took as an insult.

"That's not funny." I was surprised, she smiled. "The same old you my friend, with no sense of humour."

I had no sense of humour? Oh, really, I never knew that.

I head to the washroom to get myself clean up. My attempt to brush my teeth was a complete failure. The moment I held onto the toothbrush my fingers trembled and the toothbrush fell off.

"Darn it, I can't even brush my teeth, what use am I?" I sighed and had my shower, I didn't even bother to pick the toothbrush up. After that, I set off.

For a Healer, a haunted mansion was way too weird to be a residence for him. At least it proves something, fairytales are made to keep children's mind pure. My first impression of the place was the owner was not someone you want to cross. I felt a cold aura that made me shiver down my spine. Every single time the wind blew towards me, I felt like a ghost went pass my body, I was invaded by fear.

Think the outside of the mansion was scary? You should have a glimpse in the mansion. There were loads of uncommon and weird stuff, things that you don't see in supermarket. Eye balls, snake tongue, livers. Argh!!!! it's just creepy.

I walked into a huge room, judging by the furniture, I was guessing that it's the living room. There was a fireplace, and beside it was a grandpa chair, I was expecting an old man with white beard.

But I was totally wrong.

Maybe I was thinking about Santa. I slapped myself awake. Sitting on the chair was a young man in his mid 20's. And like most movies, he had a black cat on his lap.

"Greetings, what brings you here?" he asked.

I wanted to ask thousands of questions regarding his house, but I managed to control the urge and only ask the one thing I came here for and that matters the most.

"What is the cure for this?" I rolled up my sleeves and held up my palm and showed him. At first he was completely normal, but then, after looking at my palm, blood seemed to had drained out of his face he turn so pale that I almost mistaken him as a vampire.
"Take your time and stare, you're not the first, just give me the cure, and I'll be out of here." It took him a few minutes, and then he regained his consciousness, and spoke.

"There is no cure"

It was when I feel all hope in me shattered, I suddenly felt cold, empty.

"What??!! How can they be no cure, look at it closer." Hearth screamed and grabbed the Healer by the collar and threw him back.
"I'm sorry that's a curse, it's not like I don't want to help, it's not in my power."

"But you promised, you promised." Hearth stammered.

I sighed, "It's ok, I knew anyway, from the very beginning, I knew that I won't survive."

"Don't say that, you'll make it through, you will." Tears began rolling down her cheek.

"And what are you going to do Hearth, you can't change my fate." I muttered.

"But... but..." she stumbled.

Then, in all of the sudden, I felt pain, I knew the pain was the same on that I bore every night, just that this time, it was as immense as before. I screamed. Even my heart hurts.

"The poison has spread to her heart you can't do anything." The healer whispered.
"No!!! NO!!!!" shouted Hearth.

My vision blurred, my pulse weakened, and so did my breath, it's strange that I wasn't even scared about death, the pain was leaving me, and so was my soul, goodbye world, I had a few last shallow breath, and had my final glimpse of the world. Then, the pain died out, and at that particular moment...

So did I.

Written By:Dorothy Ting Wan Shyuen, OX2TAM

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