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Bong Wun Cheng C6

ELC's Got Talent

Dear mum and dad,

I am writing this letter regarding my request of having a dog because everyone has it. Well, after I watched a documentary about dogs, I realized that the actual purpose of mature people having dogs is because dogs have many advantages.

The biggest reason of someone keeping dogs is that dogs are companions in life. Dogs know how to define human's emotion by looking at their actions and facial expressions or even tone of voice when speaking. It will try to cheer the person up when he or she is feeling down. Similar to this example, when you're walking down the streets int he middle of the night alone, you'll feel terrified. But if you're accompanied by a dog you're acquainted with, I guarantee that you won't feel lonely because you know there is someone or something beside you.

Dogs are very intelligent animals just like chimpanzees and dolphins. To prove it, these animals have been through tests like the mirror test and aced it all. Dogs have this instinct that they know when their owner is facing danger or being attacked. The dogs would surround the str
anger that it thinks that he or she is attacking its owner, it would then pounce on he or she and even bite him or her. This action proves that they have love connection with the owner.

The action of feeling and taking care of one's pet also teaches them to be responsible. If I
have a pet I would have to take care of it, wouldn't i? It means it is my responsibility to take care of it. If my pet isn't well fed or sick, it would by my fault for not taking good care of it. This teaches me to be responsible to the things that I own.

In addition, if someone owns a dog, and when they live with it for a long period already, they will be automatically enlightened with the dog's natural behavior. When someone is having a conversation about dogs you wouldn't be left behind.

One last thing about dogs i
f the certain person has a female and a male dog each, they will have puppies. The certain person could sell the dog for a high price if its parents are pedigree dogs. This can increase the person's income. And if they're lucky, their puppies are talented, the certain person can show it to the world and make a fortune out of it.

In conclusion, I think that having dogs as a pet is a good idea when you don't only focus on the negative side of having a dog. I hope you would allow me to have a dog.

Bong Wun Cheng, Cambridge 6

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