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Brandon Alphonsus Lim P5

ELC's Got Talent

An Unusual House

My unusual house moves on water and it has engines. The engines run coal. They use coal because they were built long ago. It is a three-storey house.

This house is made of wood so it can float. The living room, dining room and the toilet are on the first floor. The doors in the house open and close automatically. There is no attic in my house.

On the second floor, there are three bedrooms. The beds are made of straw. The balconies are made of wood. There are no windows in my house.

There is a swimming pool on the third floor. The roof will open when we swim. We cannot swim when it rains.

My family and I live in the house. We have a few workers who help us out. We live a life that is slightly out of the ordinary in this house. It is on unusual house but interesting to live in.

Brandon Alphonsus Lim P5M

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