Camping Disaster

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PTSD Millionaires
Mathew and Stephen went camping in the middle of a forest. Before they reached their campsite, they came across an abandoned mansion. Being the adventurous one, Mathew thought it was a good idea to explore the broken, dilapidated mansion, but Stephen profusely disagreed, “Mathew! This a bad idea and you know it!” Nevertheless, they still did it.

When they pried open the ancient doors, they were welcomed by a hallway and layers upon layers of cobwebs, accompanied by the sound of the swirly night wind. Stephen looked around anxiously, “I don’t like this, Mathew,” whispered Stephen. Mathew did not appear to hear. He just kept walking, thinking Stephen was a coward. Meanwhile, Stephen started recording everything on his GoPro which he brought everywhere.

They walked through the grim hallway, lined with creepy portraits framed with gold and lit by moonlight. Mathew cut through the thick, paper-like cobwebs with his Swiss army knife. “These cobwebs are unusually thick,” exclaimed Mathew.
When they reached the end of the hallway, Mathew’s face turned pale. “It’s a skeleton!” screamed Mathew at this manifestation of his skelephobia. (Yah, you guessed right.  It is a phobia of skeletons.)

“Whoa, kid! Chill out! I’ve been chained to this wall for a millennium,’ the skeleton quipped in his gruff voice, and his jaws moving.

Mathew and Stephen screamed and ran out of the mansion with their tails between their legs (if they had tails).
Did I mention the GoPro that Stephen had? They uploaded the video to YouTube and thanks to the YouTube Monetization Program, they are now both millionaires ….. taking Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) medication pills.

Written by: Davie Jong, Ho Cheng Yang
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