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Chai Pin Tak SEC5

ELC's Got Talent

"I was glad she had changed for the better".

It was a lovely afternoon when I met my childhood friend, Julia in Starbucks the other day. I was shocked by her appearance, after losing contact with her for almost eight years! She was wearing clothes that were over-exposed and she had several earrings on. For a moment, I was wondering why a role-model student like Julia who had a good attitude, excellent results and filial piety towards her parents would have this negative kind of behavior. Then she walked towards me and gladly, she still recognized me. I invited her to have a cup of cappuccino with me and I asked her how her life had been.

Julia once had a wonderful family background that almost everyone wished to have. Her parents were rich and she was the only daughter in the family. She received the best education and of course she did not have to worry about money or food. However, a tragic incident happened in her family and her parents divorced after that. Julia was very upset and soon her grades began to drop. Then she met a boy named Patrick who was very popular in school. Julia had a crush on him and Patrick liked her too. At first, they were happy together. Despite this happy relationship, Julia soon found out that Patrick was a night person who went clubbing and took drugs. Julia was not pleased with him and decided to talk to him. However, her effort was in vain and she, herself got influenced by him in the end. She was soon addicted to glue sniffing which is illegal in the country. She cried, "I know it's not a good thing to do, but only with the help of drugs, I can forget all my sorrow." The reason was Patrick had left her. Julia poured her heart out to me on that afternoon at the Starbucks Café.

A few days later, a friend of mine told me that Julia and some problematic teenagers were caught red-handed in an abandoned house taking drugs while gambling. They had to be put in the rehabilitation centre for six months. My friends and I paid her a visit in the centre three months later. Surprisingly, Julia was back to her normal self. She was beautiful, polite and obedient. She told us she had overcome her problems after meeting several counselors and she expressed her desire to become a hair designer after being discharged from the centre. Indeed, everyone who knew her was happy with her decision and I was glad she had changed for the better.

Chai Pin Tak, Secondary 5

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