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Chloe Tiong Qiao Yan P4

ELC's Got Talent


Oh no! The pirates are robbing the princess' ship. The pirates are kidnapping the princess and take away her treasures. The pirates tied up the princess' soldier so that he cannot rescue the princess. The princess is yelling, "Help! Help! Where are you taking me?"

The pirates put the princess at a bar and tied her up to a chair. There is a boy hiding behind the door. He is looking at the pirates. He is thinking, "What is happening here?" The pirates are eating, drinking, sleeping, dreaming, playing cards and fighting. One of the pirates asks, "Hey! Why are you two fighting?" The boy sees the princess being tied up to the chair and he finally understands what is happening.

The boy runs as fast as a leopard to tell the soldier. He tells the soldier that the pirates have kidnapped the princess. The soldier quickly goes to the princess' rescue.

The soldier finally arrives at the bar. The soldier fights the pirates and at the same time the princess' rope is loose and she kicks one of the pirate's leg. The soldier fights the pirates with his long shiny sword.

Finally, the pirates are defeated. The soldier says to the pirates, "Right! We are taking you to prison!" The princess kisses the boy's head because he rescues her and she is happy to be safe.

Chloe Tiong Qiao Yan, Primary 4

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