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Facebook was successfully launched in February in the year 2004 by a college student called Mark Zuckerberg. He wanted to create a website to link friends on the internet. With Facebook, anyone can upload photos or videos, or even create groups for sharing common interests with friends. Old friends can be traced through Facebook and communication between current friends can be done as well. It is, therefore, not surprising then that it has grown to become extremely popular with adults and children alike.

 However, Facebook can become very addictive to people who are not able to control their usage of it. Some people can spend hours on Facebook every day. These people have a tendency to become antisocial while talking face-to-face with other people.
 Another downside about Facebook is that you lose all sense of privacy because anything you post, and sometimes even the photos you upload can be accessible to complete strangers. This can be dangerous as people can use this to harm you.
 Many crimes have been committed through Facebook, including house break-ins and people being conned of money. Also, you have to be at least thirteen years of age to have a Facebook account but more than 7.5 million children under thirteen have a Facebook account. This can be very dangerous because young children tend to be vulnerable and make very easy victims to pedophiles.

 There are even people, teenagers in particular, who update their status very often, telling people what they are doing and where they are. They do not realize that this is very dangerous as 'stalkers' know who you are and what you are doing.

 Facebook is a great tool for communication between friends but can be harmful to those who cannot limit their usage of it. A useful piece of advice would be to limit your time on Facebook and to be very cautious the next time you decide to accept a 'friend request' from a stranger.

By Alyssa Lou
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