ELC Rules

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In order for you to make the most of your time with us, we wish to create a stimulating environment where there is an atmosphere of trust and respect, so that you can produce exceptional work.

The purpose of these rules is to promote respect between all in the Centre.

You should arrive on time, preferably at least five minutes before class starts.  Once you are in the Centre, you are not allowed to leave the building until the end of your class.
Go to the toilet before class and flush it after use.  If you are in upper primary or secondary classes you should not need to go to the toilet during a two hour lesson.  The toilets are closed for cleaning in the last half hour of class.
You must dress decently.  Skirts or shorts should not be shorter than just above the knee and T-shirts should cover the navel. Singlets and sleeveless shirts are not allowed.  No slippers are allowed.
Speak English at ELC.  Swearing and foul language is not acceptable.
Pencils should be used by students from P1- P5. Students who are P6 and above may use pen. The use of white correction fluid is banned as it is not allowed during public exams. Exercise books and files should be kept neat.

You may only consume food in school during the specified break time during the 3 and 4 hour classes.  Do not bring sweet  drinks and salty snacks to ELC.  Bring healthy food. Drinks should not be brought in unsealed plastic bags.  No ice-creams are  allowed. Chewing gum and bubble gum are banned.  No littering.

You should respect ELC property and your fellow students' work. You are not allowed to play with the blinds, or write on ELC books, displays, notice boards, walls or desks.
Electronic gadgets such as mobile phones should not be brought to ELC.
Smoking is forbidden within ELC premises.

Teachers and students should come for class equipped with colour pencils, traditional pencils, staplers, sellotape, scissors and gum. The office will not lend the above items anymore.

You must sit in the seat allocated by your teachers.

What happens when you step out of line :

i.   You will be asked to do a "Time-Out" session
ii.  Verbal warning given by Supervisor or Principal
iii. Parents are invited to meeting to discuss corrective action plan
iv. You may be asked to leave

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