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Life in a dome
I prefer to live in the dome than living in the floating community.  The dome can fit only thirty-five people so scientists need to build more domes before the land is covered by seawater.

The people in the dome can harvest seaweed and catch fish.  They put the seaweed and the fish in a box and deliver it to the kitchen inside the dome.  The chef cooks the seaweed and the fish by using the oil taken from the fish.

The filtering machine can extract fresh water from seawater.  The fresh water is kept in big containers.  There is also a filtering machine which can extract air from seawater.

The swimmers inside the dome can also get fresh oxygen from the small hydro phonic farms where vegetables and other plants grow and release oxygen.

People can have an electric eel cage.  The electric eel can provide electricity and the electricity is connected to a big battery where the electricity goes into.  People have a gym which has treadmills and bicycles.  When they go into the gym, they need to spin the wheel on the gym appliances and the more you spin, the more energy will be produced.  They can also build many water turbines to provide electricity.

They can use the skin of the sea creatures to make clothes.  They can also build some submarines, so the children in the dome can explore the deep sea in the submarines.

In conclusion, I prefer living in the dome because the dome has more people inside it than the original houses people lived in.  When we find land, I would like to live on the land.  But, I will not forget the dome because I'll have done many fun things inside the dome.

By Ezekiel Ling
C5W, 2013

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