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Feigy, a tall man with long hair tied back, wearing a black hat and carrying a short gun in his hand, stepped into a forest next to a deserted house. The tall trees had covered most of the light from the moon. Other than the sound of the wind, it was total silence. He walked slowly into the forest, holding the gun high up, scanning the surrounding. He heard a sound from above him and pointed the gun towards it and shot two times. He was very confident in his shooting skills – he had never missed any of his targets. But when he turned and started to walk away, something from above jumped down.

Feigy had very fast response. He felt that something was coming closer and closer. He turned quickly to his left and successfully avoided the attacker. The attacker jumped onto one of the tall trees again, completely hiding himself.

‘Q!’ Feigy shouted. ‘I know it’s you. Show yourself!’

Silence. There was no response at all. The sound of something hitting the floor broke the silence. Feigy was on the floor, bleeding. While holding his tummy, he stood up.

‘Not bad. You still can stand,’ said Q. ‘You are the first…, no, the second one who can stand my attack.’

Feigy froze after hearing the voice. It was very familiar, like someone really really close to you but you just couldn’t identify who it was. Q was wearing a black coat with trousers, showing off her long legs and the same hat like Feigy’s. She had her long straight hair down and big eyes but she was not smiling. More like she had just cried.

‘Who are you?’ asked Feigy. ‘Why are you here? Do you know James? You seem familiar. Who are you?’ he asked.

‘Don’t you know who I am?’

Then there was silence again. Q was standing under the trees, covered by the shadows. Q ran towards Feigy, holding a knife in her hand, shouting. Feigy also ran towards her. He kicked the knife out of her hand but there was another knife in her other hand, pointing towards Feigy. She said,
‘I’m your sister, Hazel.’                                                                                     

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