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It has been a day since I had infused life into the horrifyingly miserable creature, and it has also been a day since I had locked myself up in the courtyard, away from my frightening creation.

I could no longer hide in fear, I could not stay in the courtyard forever since there were no food or water there, and I had to face him eventually. He was a mistake, yes, but he was my mistake. As terrifying as he was, I knew what I had to do. I had to take responsibility for my actions.

In slow, agonising steps, I made my way out of the courtyard and back into my house. Walking slowly in the dark, chilly place I called home. I looked around, as alert as I could ever be despite being sleep deprived. My ears were listening attentively to my surroundings, though the loud thumps of my rapid heartbeat drowned out most of the sounds around me. My knees were weak with fear and I had to force myself to stand up straight and move each foot forward when I could hardly see a thing. Why did I choose nightfall to come out of the courtyard knowing full well my poor vision could not lead me through the dark house?

I did not know the answer to that, but what I did know was that I could not stand being in the courtyard a second longer. Pacing about the place, listening closely, jumping at every sound and hiding in agitating terror can surely drive one mad.

My legs felt heavy as they made their way up the swirling stairs that would lead me to my chamber, the place I had last seen him. I had yet to see him around the house for every room I passed by was empty, no sign of the hideous mistake at all. I took in a deep, shaky breath as I stopped in front of my closed door.

Not a single sound was heard as I made my way through the threshold all the way up here. And even now, as I was standing right in front of my chamber, I had yet to hear something that told me he was still in here. Even so, he ought to be in there. If, by any chance, he made it out to town, we'd be doomed.

With a shaky and sweaty hand, I grasped the doorknob. Never had I felt so conflicted or horrified in my life. What awaited on the other side of the door when I went in, was a fate that could never be changed. Grasping courage, I turned it and the door slowly swung open.

There, in my moon-illuminated room, stood the terrifying mistake. I made no noise as I walked to him, and I was surprisingly calm despite being a nervous, petrified wreck earlier. Seeing his figure shone in the moonlight, he looked oddly innocent and completely harmless.

As he turned to me and his watery eyes met mine, I froze, but I was no longer scared. A whole new feeling enveloped me as I stared at the creature before me. I knew he was harmless, I knew he could never hurt anyone. A sudden comforting warmth grew in me as I felt the need to protect and take care of the innocent creature. He was, after all, my creation.

Ameerah Angelina
14th April 2015
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