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International English Language Testing System (IELTS)

The English Language Centre is an authorized British Council IELTS/IDP registration agent.  The IELTS British Council/IDP Australia test is specially aimed at students planning for further studies or migration overseas.  The qualification is required as a condition of entry for British, Australia and New Zealand Universities. Our IELTS teachers are well-qualified to prepare candidates.

There are four parts:

  • Reading (objective test)
  • Listening (objective test)
  • Writing (two essays)
  • An interview

In the writing selection candidates are asked to describe a chart or graph for Task 1 and write an essay for Task 2. During the interview candidates are expected to be able to converse on general topics, as well as holding a discussion on abstract issues.  The results are valid for two years.

  • Academic reading, reading for gist and inference, scanning, skimming and note-taking.

  • Academic essay writing:  developing a point of view, organization and planning
  • Writing about diagrams, charts and graphs
  • Describing statistics

  • Intensive listening practice using authentic tapes

  • Conversation skills on familiar topics and overcoming nerves
  • Discussion on abstract issues

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