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Jaypeth Balang C4

ELC's Got Talent

The Life of a Dragon

" 5,4, 3, 2,1" I counted. The drqgon's egg cracked. Then it broke. Out crawled a tiny dragon known as a "glitter-scaled dragon". Its body was black and it had black, grey and white eyes that swirled like a top.

Now, another dragon had hatched. This time it was red and apart from the colour it looked like its sibling. Its eyes were scarlet red and pink and they also swirled, but more slowly.

There was one last egg. It hadn't hatched yet. "What's wrong with it ?" I wondered. But I hadn't observed closely enough. I hadn't noticed the small hole the dragon had slipped out of until I saw a green dragon next to the other two dragons !

This dragon was very beautiful. Its eyes were green , blue-green and blue. Its eyes swirled the most slowly of the three of them. It was a pale emerald green in colour .

I remembered that I had bought meat for them. I tossed one large piece of meat to them and much to my surprise, they breathed fire. As the fire escaped their noses, I felt a terrible pain on my hand. The fire had burned my skin, and it had left a deep imprint on my hand. I looked at the dragons accusingly. They just stared back innocently.

"What had they done to me ?". The mark was shaped like an island. I couldn't possible hide it could I ? If only there was a way to hide my hand and the three young dragons. According to the information I hade read in books, it takes one week for a glitter-scaled dragon to learn to fly. Today was Wednesday.

I was so busy with my tuition classes that I had no time to feed the dragons. I considered a few choices of where to put the dragons and in the end I chose the cellar.

Every morning before anyone woke up, I would steal a bag full of meat for the young dragons to eat. I would put the bag of meat in the cellar and then creep out so that they didn't wake up. The I would run upstairs , take a bath , eat and then go to school.

Exactly one week later, when I went into the cellar, I noticed they had gone. They had flown away. The scar on my had also disappeared and I had only the memories left of my time with the baby dragons.

Jaypheth Balang, Cambridge 4

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