Latecia Tania Telun

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English exams that I sat for in high school, I never got an A+. My lowest grade for English was a C which was what I got for my PT3.

After re-joining ELC in 2016 and throughout all those months that I was there, I wished I had not quit in 2012. In fact, I loved being at ELC since the first time I joined the centre. It was a rash decision that I made in 2012 which I later on regret. Actually the main reason I quit in 2012 was because I hated the different things I learned there compared to what I learned in school. I kept asking myself how it was going to help me to have a stronger foundation in English. My father would tell me it's okay to learn something different at ELC compared to what I learned in my own school. But an immature 13-year-old-me did not think that it was a good thing. Only in my last year there did I realize that it is a good thing.

I consider myself really lucky that I re-joined ELC because in that last year that I was there, I had the opportunity to be taught by two amazing teachers. They are, Ms. Alisya Hon and Ms.Liz Sargent. Had I not re-joined ELC, I wouldn't have been more particular especially about checking my usage of grammar and taking the initiative to reread my essays after I have finished writing them. Both teachers always reminded us to check for errors in our essays before handing them in. Being at ELC has also helped to boost my confidence when I did my presentation in class. The monthly speaking test definitely helped me to present my work smoothly and confidently. Presenting in front of an audience had always been intimidating for me. I overcame that fear. Thanks to ELC.

Group works have also helped me to be able to socialize better. I came from an all-girls school so it has always been awkward for me to mix around with boys. At first I dreaded group works because I knew I'll feel really awkward especially with the presence of boys. Also I didn't really mix around with new people. It's not that I am antisocial. It's just that I always feel awkward being around new people. I have always been around my friends from my school. I used to join tuitions only if my friends were there except at ELC. So it was hard for me to mix around at first but I got better at mixing around. There were a couple of familiar faces when I re-joined ELC but I mostly talked to one of them only. Eventually I made more friends there.

I found the library time that we had there really cute because I only had those "library time" when I was in primary school. I really miss being at ELC as much as I miss being in school. It didn't feel like I was just attending a tuition class when I was at ELC. It felt like I was in a school which only teaches English.

I was asked to write a short message but this is definitely not a short message so I should stop. If I could turn back the clock, I would just to be studying at ELC again. It is such an honour to be at ELC. I'll definitely remember all those things that were taught to me and cherish all the memories and friendships made there. I would like to especially thank Mdm. Phalippa, Ms. Jacqualine, Mdm. Loretta, Ms. Alisya and Ms. Liz for being my teachers throughout those years that I was there.

To summarize it all, I had a great time at ELC.
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