Lee Min Jing

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ELC classes not only teach the English Language, it also shapes personalities.  ELC's teaching methods played a huge role in shaping who I am today.  Standing in front of a class of 15 students and presenting your work may not be an easy task for a child.  Although that is the case, it has given me a chance to practice speaking the English Language and more importantly it builds up my confidence.  From personal experiences, to be able to speak English confidently gives me an advantage in university and job interviews.

ELC has taught me that English is more than grammar, spelling and tenses.  English expresses ideas that other languages are not capable of.  I remember that in one of the classes Shakespeare's work was taught and we were learning about his sonnets and plays.  I remember trying to translate it into Mandarin thinking that I could understand it better that way.  It was when I realise that a lot of things can be lost in translation and the true beauty of his works can only be admired using the language it was written in - English.

I am grateful for the many things ELC has taught me and for the many wonderful memories for me to hold dear.

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