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Love's Simplicity‚Ķ.    

Mr Bond was a very successful businessman.  He had a wife. Her name was Daphne. They were deeply in love with each other. Mr Bond himself was quite a handsome man. He had slick dark brown hair and carried a ragged look. He owned a famous company called     u- kiss  which printed products of artists on bags , files, pencils ,books , shirts and so much more.

Daphne was a very beautiful woman. She had a figure many women would admire. They had been married for at least three years but they hardly saw each other because Mr Bond was a very busy man. Daphne was quite busy, too, because she had many appointments. They hardly saw a lot of each other.

The problem began when Mr Bond hired a new assistant. Her name was Victoria Morgan. She was very exciting and crazy. Her personality got Mr Bond attracted to her. They had an affair for about two months before Daphne became suspicious. She began to suspect that something was going on between them. She was really frustrated. She knew she had to find out.

One day , she cancelled her performance at a concert to spy on her husband. She got the shock of her life when she realized what was going on. She was really furious. All the anger in her was portrayed on her face. Her face went as red as a tomato. She screamed and scolded her husband and said that she wanted a divorce.

He got back to his senses and ran after her but it was too late. Daphne was gone by the time he came out of the office. He immediately fired Victoria and he kept calling Daphne on his phone but she wouldn't pick up.

Her face was wet as she had been crying for a long time. Her eyes were puffy, too. She was heartbroken and in  her mind,  she thought 'How could he do this to me?'

Mr Bond soon gave up calling her because she had turned off her phone. Instead, he decided to do something to make it up to her because he didn't want to lose her. He cried bitterly and thought of what to say to Daphne. He decided to write a song to explain his feelings because both of them knew that he was terrible at expressing how he felt.

He realized that writing a song would show that he really cared for her. He took his guitar and tried strumming the strings randomly to get a tune. After a few minutes, he managed to come out with something. He was amazed at himself for being able to compose a song in half an hour. He quickly recorded it and even sent the lyrics of the song to her. She was very touched when she received the recording of his voice and the lyrics. She called him. He immediately answered her call the second he saw it. He was anxious for her answer. She said it was okay and that she forgave him.

From that day onwards, their love grew even stronger and nothing and nobody could ever tear them apart because the trust was still there, no matter what, and most importantly they loved each other.
by Melanie Ting   
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