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Mandy Chua Jia Yi

Student Success > Commonwealth Essay Winners 2017

What is in my Toolbox for Peace?

There is a word that is in every single dictionary in the world - peace. "Peace" is very important to every single country in the world. When there is a country that doesn't adopt peace, the whole world will crumble. Although "peace" is very important, what does "peace" mean? Well, "peace" means a state of freedom from war and violence, where there are no quarrels, fights, violence and war among the people. But how can we turn a violent country into a perfect and harmonious country? Well, there are many ways to make a country more peaceful.

First of all, we need kindness in the country. But how? Well, we need to be kind to every living things such as human, animals and more. We also need to take good care of them. For example, we should help the needy in the community. People won't change by listening to words, it is by our actions! Everyone will be touched when they see actions that show kindness and they will be more kind, too.

Next, we also need to be generous. We can be generous by helping others around us. We should help the needy and the poor as much as we can. We can give food to the needy that are suffering from hunger. We should give them some money, too. We must be free from meanness, prejudice and greediness; be magnanimous, generous and don't refuse to help.

Also, we must have loyalty, too. We must be loyal to our own country. We must also not betray our country. We shouldn't do any actions that hurt our country. For instance, protest, open burning and civil wars. We just need to be true and faithful.

Next, we need to be honest. But what is honesty? It is an action where you tell the truth and never tell lies. But why saying this? I say this because people wouldn't believe you anymore once you lie to them, just like the story, "The Boy who Cried Wolf". This story has a very important moral that is a lesson for every children in the world so that they won't tell lies again.

In addition to that, we also need to be polite. We can be polite by respecting the elderly such as starting the meal after all of the family members had sat around the table together. We also cannot be rude to others, we must greet each other, never shout at others, never talk with a mouth full of food, knock the door before going into a room, never interrupt others when they are talking and eat silently, never make any rude and weird noises and just ton name but a few.

Besides that, it is also very important to smile. We must be happy, always bring a good mood everywhere, every time and to everyone. We also need to smile at everyone when we meet each other. Mother Teresa said, "Peace begins with a smile", so we must smile as it does not only relieves stress, it can also help you have a positive mindset.

Last but not least, we must be a trustworthy person, too. Being trustworthy means we can be trusted and is reliable. For instance, never tell someone's secrets to others, be punctual and never ever break any promise.

In a nutshell, peace starts from us. As long as we endorse peace in our daily lives and be grateful of what we have, then there will be peace in the country, even the whole world!

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