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Matteus Lim OX3

ELC's Got Talent


You may ask what Facebook is. Let me enlighten you. Facebook is a rapidly growing network that is used worldwide. At the moment, Facebook has about 7 million active users on Facebook everyday! Facebook was created by a college student called Mark Zuckerberg who is now of course, a millionaire. The main reason Mark created Facebook was so that his college mates could keep in touch. But instead, Facebook became famous and propelled him to fame. Not everyone has accepted Facebook though. Many have disparaged this network and the limited benefits. In addition, some argued that it is inherently bad influence. Today, it is clear that the issue as to whether Facebook has more advantages or disadvantages needs to be considered carefully.

So what makes Facebook so loved by the majority of the community? First off, Facebook is a great social network without a doubt. It has become a website or network that connects people all over the world. On Facebook, we can meet many new people who are fun
and exciting. Friendship can be formed through Facebook. We no longer need pen pals. Besides that, it also helps us to keep in touch with our family or friends regardless of where they are or how far they are. That way, the relationship or bond between both parties can be maintained. Facebook can also be a form of relaxation. After a tiring day at work or in school, some people find surfing Facebook and reading their friends' posts or looking at photos relaxing. Then, there is social gaming which is on the rise. Facebook has tons of games, for example, FarmVille, Café World, Pet Society and many more! These games can help the mind relax and after a game we usually end up much more awake.

Unfortunately, there is a dark side to Facebook. Many people think Facebook is good and beneficial-. They forget that everything has its disadvantages. These people choose to deny the bad of Facebook due to their addiction to this social network. So why is Facebook so bad? Well, do you realise how much time we waste each day on Facebook? A survey was conducted which revealed that the total amount of time spent by Facebook users added up to more than 2000 years. Imagine all the time wasted when the time could have been put to better use such as actually reading a book! Secondly, Facebook accounts can be hacked nowadays. Hackers can hack into your account, steal your personal information, read your conversations, or even use your account to scam your friends. There'is no real sense of privacy or even safety. Posting photos of yourself may lead to unwanted attention. People like paedophiles, serial killers or rapists will "chat you up" and persuade you to meet them. Similarly, hand scammers and hackers will try to get into your profile if you are wealthy. That is when the term "dangerous" is taken to a whole new level.

Overall, Facebook is one of the best social networks I have seen over the years. First there was MSN, Yahoo, Friendster, Myspace, Twitter and now there is Facebook. Personally I think that the benefits outweigh the risks. It is simple really. The smart and intelligent will benefit from this network whereas the vulnerable and insecure will be consumed by this network. For example, I can give you a pure glass of water for you to drink, but it is up to you whether you want to pollute it or keep it pure. It is the same with Facebook. Facebook is just a tool and is harmless. It is up to the person as to how he or she uses it. Is Facebook good or bad or both? You decide.

Matteus Lim, Oxford 3

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