My Achievement

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My Achievement

Everyone has their own achievements. It doesn't really matter what they are.Maybe you got good grades in your final semester exams or maybe you came first in a swimming competition. Well,who knows your greatest achievement might even be climbing to the top of Mount Everest one day?

Well, for me,my achievement was not what you might expect. It happened last year when I was sitting at the back seat of my car.I was listening to the radio when suddenly I heard about the Hitz Kuching Birthday Invasion which was going to be held on the 2nd of November at the Kuching Integrated Recreational Centre a.k.a KIRC.I immediately turned up  the volume.Well, the DJ said Greyson Chance was coming to Kuching for the first time and that he was going to perform at the Hitz Kuching Birthday Invasion and I got REALLY excited.

Greyson Chance is the CUTE 16-year old Oklahoman boy who became famous 3 years ago by doing the cover of Lady Gaga's song 'Paparazzi' at a school assembly.I asked for my parents' permission and they allowed me to go to the invasion. That day when I was at school, I kept asking my friends  for ways to get Rockzone tickets.

A week before the Birthday Invasion, I kept listening  to the radio non-stop and I was on Facebook and Twitter day and night.I tried calling the Hitz station but I failed each time.The reason I failed was because lots of people were also trying to call the station just to get free Rockzone tickets. Sometimes, I would cry in bed every night and I would curse the phone because I wanted the tickets desperately. I kept chasing the Hitz Cruisers whenever I was free but I never succeeded.

Three days before the big event, I started getting worried that I might never get the tickets.I'd been calling the radio station day and night but the line was always busy so I would curse the phone each time I didn't get through. One afternoon, I tried calling the Hitz station and this time the line wasn't busy.Suddenly, someone answered the phone.

        "Hello? Hitz Kuching", Meng said.

        "OMG, is this Meng?" I asked.

        "Yup,may I help you?" he asked.

        "May I know when the cue to call is?" I asked.

        "It's in 15 minutes.If you're the first one to get through then, you'll get 5 Rockzone tickets", he replied.

        "Okay,thanks a lot", I answered, and the phone went dead.

         Unfortunately,15 minutes later, the line was busy again and I didn't get the tickets and I was really sad.

On the day of the Birthday Invasion,my best friend, Justina called and she told me that she had got us two Rockzone tickets and two meet-and-greet passes from her sister's friend!! FINALLY!

When we got to the Rockzone area,  I met Greyson during the meet-and-greet session. I took photos with Jin and Ryan and I even hugged Natasha. Greyson shook my hand and I told him that I was really proud to call him my idol. I even told him I loved him and he told me to never stop chasing my dreams and that he loved me, and I was surprised.

Well,thanks a lot to Justina, both of us had a good time.I'm glad we achieved something together and of course, I'm really proud of myself for having tried so hard. The Hitz Kuching Birthday Invasion was one of the best moments of my life.

by: Jessica Lau, OX1TAM
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