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My response to an event that made the news headlines
On 5th January 2012, a very tragic event happened not very far away from my house that made the headlines. It had been raining non-stop for a few days. All the lower areas of Kuching were flooded. An 18- year old girl was on her way to school when her car broke down because of the flood. She was forced to walk to a nearby petrol station. She called her mother to ask her to pick her up, and  was told to wait at the bus stop next to the petrol station.
As she was walking through the flooded road towards the bus stop, completely unaware of what was lying ahead of her, the tragedy happened. There was a ditch right in front of her but the water had fooled her eyes, causing her not to notice the ditch which was directly connected to the main river. Within the blink of an eye, she stepped right into the river like it was nothing. A worker at the petrol station saw her fall in and immediately jumped into the ditch just to save the girl. Unfortunately, the petrol attendant himself got sucked into the ditch because of the water current and drowned. He had sacrificed his life in an attempt to save a person that he didn't even know.
I was shocked and touched by what this man did. I also felt very sorry for this innocent victim of nature and her family. I couldn't imagine what it would be like if it happened to one of my family members or myself. It would have been horrible.
Not long after this tragic event, a search party was dispatched to find the body of the two victims. The body of the worker was found on the second day but there was still no sign of the body of the girl.
About three days later, the body of the girl was finally reported to be sighted on a riverbank behind a factory, quite a distance from the site of the incident.

Once again, a freak act of nature has claimed another two innocent lives. I solemnly hope that such a tragedy will never happen again.

by:  Clement Liew
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