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My Vision of Peace

Imagine living in peace. Imagine a life without child abuse. People shouldn't hurt an innocent child just because he made a mistake. They should try to understand the child, give him love and protection. If he made a mistake, advise him and remind him not to do it again. People must stop throwing away babies. Of course, they must have a reason to do that but babies are innocent. They have never made a mistake and they are still very young and need love and care. They should not treat their child that way for the mistake they made. They have to be responsible for their own actions.

Imagine a life without racism, where people would not judge others by their race or looks. The people that they think badly about are based purely on their looks, and that person could be a better person than them. Racism can divide people. People from different race would avoid each other. The world would be a much better place if only these things didn't happen.  

Written by:
Ameerah Angelina

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