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Myra Wong C5

ELC's Got Talent

Miss Bolger the Good

Sue Bolger is a good friend of mine. She is a very pleasant, smart lady who enjoys helping others a lot. She has blond and curly hair. Her perfect, large eyes are always shining as bright as a diamond. Her pretty, flossed teeth are always making other women jealous. With her kissable lips (like Angelina Jolie's) and sweet voice (like a nightingale's) she is able to charm any man in the world. Sometimes, I think she can be a singer with her talented and musical voice, but sadly, she chose to be a teacher.

Although Miss Bolger is extremely rich, she is the most generous person I've ever known. She never rejects any beggar asking for money. She always gives them more than fifty-dollars. Besides people, she also has a passion for animals. If you ever visit her house, you will be surprised at what kinds of animals live there! Everyday, as soon as she wakes up, she'll make sure her 'pets' get perfectly dressed up before she does.

When she reaches our school, she will immediately turn on her cheerful and polite mode. By the time she sits on the chair, every male teacher is right behind her - attracted by her blueberry-scented hair and rose perfume. Whenever she smiles, or laughs, you can see her pearl-white teeth and sparkling pink lips.

Miss Bolger is also a very encouraging person. Every time we do a school play, she will help us so we could learn through our mistakes. She also encourages us to keep our heads up. She bakes very well too. Every Children's day, she would bake delicious cookies for us. Everyone says those who are being taught by Miss Bolger are very lucky - and I agree!

Myra Wong - Cambridge 5

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