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Nicholas Thian SEC3

ELC's Got Talent

"Healthy Eating Habits"

Good afternoon to my respected principal, Mr.Putit Bin Haji Ped, my beloved teacher and my fellow friends. Today I am going to talk about "Healthy Eating Habits". What is a healthy eating habit? A healthy eating habit is to eat certain types of food in a respectful time. Nowadays, many people especially teenagers can't control their eating habits. So, I am going to teach you how to have a healthy eating habit right now.

First of all, it is not difficult to have a healthy body, even if you are an obese. To achieve a healthy body, 1/3 portion of food eaten must be starchy food. For example, bread, rice, potatoes, cereals and many more. Starchy food is very important especially when you are in the growing stage.

Nevertheless, fruits and vegetables are highly recommended. Fruits and vegetable contain a lot of vitamin B, vitamin C and all the vitamins that are good to your body. Red vegetables like carrots and tomatoes are also good to your eyes. They can cure night-blindness, so you can see brighter in the dark. Fruits are a must-have especially when you are sick. Having a sick body is not good for you. Five portions daily is not too much but do not eat less, unless you want to be sick.

Furthermore, you must have fish for at least two portions a week. Fish is good for our health and growth. Eating fish can let you grow taller. Oily fish that contains omega-3 fat helps you to prevent heart disease. When you are getting old, you must be grateful and thankful because I have shared about it to you.

If you want to cut down on your weight, food containing saturated fat must be eliminated. This food increases the cholesterol level of a person. If you have it too much, you might be in danger of heart disease. To prevent from getting heart disease, you can eat food especially unsaturated food.

What is more, you must eat food with less sugar. Sugar is the problem why you have your weight gained. Chocolates and sweets are all our enemies. Have some food which is stated "less salt" on it. The only Pringles I bought is the "less salt" version. You can prevent yourself from getting high blood pressure and heart disease just by eating food with less sugar and less salt.

Other than that, you must drink at least 1.2 liters of fluid daily. Water can decrease dehydration and also wash away microorganism in your body. Just to say, especially for the short ones, drink more milk. It makes you grow taller.

To keep a healthy body, you must have a healthy eating habit. It makes you get stronger. The food pyramid shows you what to eat and what not to eat. So, you have no reason to be unhealthy especially when you have listened to my speech unless your white blood cells are not working. Thank you.

Nicholas Thian, Secondary 3

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