Poetry - Watch your Teacher Carefully

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Poetry - Watch Your Teacher Carefully

It happened in school last week
When everything seemed fine
Assembly, break, science and spelling
Three twelves and four times nine

But then I noticed my teacher
Scratching the skin from her cheek
A forked tongue flicked from her lips
Her nose hooked into a beak

Her twenty eyes grew longer
They ended in terrible claws
By now she was orange and yellow and green
With crunching great teeth in her jaws

Her twenty eyes were upon me
As I ran from the room for the Head
Got to his office, burst through the door
Met a bloodsucking monster instead

Somehow I got to the staffroom
The doorknob was dripping with slime
Inside were seven hideous things
Who thought I was dinner time

I made my escape through a window
Just then a roaring sound
Knocked me flat on my face
As the whole school left the ground

Powerful rockets pushed it
Back into darkest space
All I have left are the nightmares
And these feathers that grow on my face

Now they roam all around me
Blending in with the populace
While I hide in the shadows
Trying hard to be seen less

I live alone under an overpass
Not daring to show my face
A freak, a monster that's what I am
Shunned by everyone without grace

I know they're out to get me -
The witness of their heinous crime
That is why I must conceal myself
Amongst the dirt, muck and grime

But the feathers keep on growing
On my arms, on my feet, on my head
My mouth sharpens into a beak
I'm more a bird then a boy instead

Capricious and warbled is my speech
My vocal cords distorted
My toenails have morphed into talons
My features all contorted

I feel a need to take flight
Like all the birds up above me
I've taken a zest to raw fish
Although their stench used to nauseate me

I'm changing and I'm scared
Of what I may become
I don't want to become an alien
But my transformation is imminent and certain

It's only a matter of time
Before I become one of them
So when I wake one day with a dozen eyes
I surrender willingly. It's the end.

by Isaac Chung of OX1TAM
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