Post-PT3 2019

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A warm welcoming by the Earthlings Coffee Workshop crew while we wait for the trainers at the café.

Some of the essential apparatus in preparing coffee.

Our students did very well in introducing themselves at the beginning of the session and sharing their reasons for joining the educational field trip.

Listening attentively to the lecture and asking interesting questions.

Getting to know and appreciating coffee session. What taste is your coffee? Bitter? Sour?

Eureka! Discovering something new about coffee world. So…… Do you want to be a professional roaster? A cupper? A barista? A consultant?

Getting ready for the memorable coffee tasting. Yummy!

All three PT3 teachers presenting a cake and a file of our purpose making the trip to Earthlings Coffee Workshop to the trainers, Ms Flo and Ms Lina as a token of appreciation from PT3 students of English Language Centre.

Sii Hoe Rui of LS3TU standing next to a roasting machine. It can roast 40kg of coffee in about 15 minutes. Awesome!

Taking a tour around the compound to see 4-5-year-old coffee trees. They are starting to bear bright red coffee cherries.

Last picture for all as we wait to board our transport back to English Language Centre.
A successful and memorable Post-PT3 Educational Trip cum ELC Teachers’ Social Outing for the year 2019.
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