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Gunshots rang in the distance as Sylvester Slade lit his cigar in a dark alleyway. ‘Let the games begin,’ he muttered to himself as he walked down the alleyway. And just like that, the Shadow of London disappeared into the darkness of the night.
‘Seven people were killed in London last night, sir.’
‘Did they all have the same branding as the last 27 victims?’
It was Mr Glass, the mysterious Harbinger of Justice, but who was he speaking to? Well, just one of his many split personalities.
‘Well, they all did have the SS branding on their chests.’
‘Slade strikes again?? I thought the police handled it!’
Mr Glass had 5 personalities – all of which were different – with the first four being: Jake, Rose, Vange and Eric.
‘Silence! All of you!’ This was the original Glass, of course.
‘More doing and less talking please!’
Mr Glass scanned through the paper of scribbled notes from his counterparts. The first case of the Slade incident had 10 people involved, then 9, then 8, then… It struck him. It was a pattern! Mr Glass decided to take matters into his own hands instead of relying on the police. He took off from his mansion that night in search of the notorious Shadow of London.
The former assassin examined his six kills for the night.
‘So beautiful, so so beautiful,’ he said as he reached out to one of his victims’ face.
‘Stop right there, Slade!’ shouted Mr Glass.
‘Always here to save the day, eh? Old friend,’ said Slade as he stood up from his kill. ‘You can’t stop the killing, Glass. The day will come when you can’t protect London anymore…’
‘Till then, Slade. I will always watch over this city.’
Slade laughed in amusement as he started to disappear into the shadows.
‘Not today, Slade!!’
‘What??’ Slade paused in his tracks.
‘For too long have I overlooked your crimes. Now you must pay…Brother!!!’
‘That’s a term you haven’t used in a long time, Glass.’
Sylvester Slade turned and looked at Glass with a menacing stare.
‘The thing about omnipotence, Slade, is that I can make you think you’re alive when you’re not…’
Sylvester’s body began to fade.
‘What is this??’ shrieked Sylvester as he was under excruciating pain.
‘The priest really did mean it when he said I was an Angel.’
‘What in the name of…’ were Slade’s last words as he faded away with his whole life essence sucked away.
Glass ascended in a beam of light.
Justin Hii
OX3 2019
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