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The School Fee Deposit is equivalent to one month's fees which is paid at the time of registration.  This is kept by the centre and used when one month's notice is given before resigning from a course.  This is necessary for the smooth running of the centre.

In order to use the School Fee Deposit, one month's notice in writing must be given, within the first week of the month.  Please complete the yellow form at the counter.  The balance of any remaining fees will then be returned after the last day of tuition.

Example:  If you want to leave on June 30th, you must give notice by 7th June.  The School Fee Deposit is then used to cover June tuition.  If you have prepaid the June fee it will be returned.

Holidays during tuition time

If you wish to have a holiday during term time (Jan 2 - Nov 21) you can take one month off.  You can either:-

a)  Give one month's notice and use up the advance fee, as shown above.


b)  Pay the monthly fee to keep your place in the class.
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