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Stephanie Kiew SEC1

ELC's Got Talent

Country Vs City Living

A lot of young people leave the country to live in the city. They go to the city to find better jobs. "Is the country better than the city?" I have to think for a while to answer this question.

The country is more peaceful than the city. There isn't much pollution because there isn't any traffic jam. People travel by foot or bike. So there is a lot of fresh air. We can easily see beautiful scenery there. There are many hills, woods and rivers. It's a good place to rest for people who are sick because it is beautiful, not much pollution and has fresh air.

The city is also great! There are a lot of modern buildings and cars. There is a lot of interesting entertainment like cinemas, night clubs, shopping malls and more. It's got some music shops and cafés too. The city has better public facilities than the country. Children in the country have more schools and tuition centres for them. There are museums, aquatics or some interesting places for tourists. People in the city are busy working but they also have their free time.

I can answer the question now. I think living in the city is better than living in the country. If I can choose, I would like to live in the city because city life is more interesting and there is Internet access. I love surfing the Internet so I can't live without it. I can also buy beautiful clothes here in the shopping malls. I think more people would also like to live in the city.

by Stephanie Kiew SEC1M2

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