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A Story For Young Readers
One day, Mr. Cedric was washing his clothes. He opened the washing machine and saw a baby dinosaur in it. He shouted and went to tell his wife, Mrs. Cedric who was cooking in the kitchen.  He came back to the washing machine but the baby dinosaur was gone. Mrs. Cedric was angry because she thought Mr. Cedric was lying so she went back to her cooking.

When Mrs. Cedric reached the kitchen, she suddenly screamed. A baby dinosaur was playing with the cooked food. Her kids, Megan and Morgan saw it so they brought the baby dinosaur to their bedroom.

Megan and Morgan wanted to play with the baby dinosaur. They didn’t know the baby dinosaur had sharp teeth and wanted to eat them. The baby dinosaur pretended to play hide and seek with Megan and Morgan. Megan and Morgan hid in the cupboard so that the baby dinosaur would not find them. Not long after, the baby dinosaur opened the cupboard and tried to bite Morgan. Morgan was really afraid.

Morgan shouted, “Megan, help me! I don’t want to be eaten!” Megan got a cloth hanger from the cupboard and started to hit the baby dinosaur.

“Go away! Don’t eat Morgan! You are not a good friend! I don’t want to be friends with you anymore!” said Megan.

Mrs. Cedric heard them shouting. She grabbed a frying pan and hit the baby dinosaur’s head. The baby dinosaur fainted. They put the baby dinosaur into a small empty box and taped it so the baby dinosaur could not come out. The baby dinosaur promised to behave, so they let the baby dinosaur out.
After that, they went for a picnic in the park. They lived happily after that day.

By Emily Lee Yii Hii
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