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Tan Shinyi LS2

ELC's Got Talent

Three things I cannot live without

Everyone has things that they cannot live without other than basic necessities like a house, food, transport and of course, our family. Three things that I cannot live without are my mobile phone, books and electricity.

I cannot live without a phone because if I do not have a phone, I cannot text my parents if there is an emergency. Besides that, I usually use my phone to call my friends to discuss our homework and share information from the internet.

I also cannot live without books. If I do not read any books, I will feel bored. My friends usually call me a bookworm because I love to read. I usually spend my free time reading. I schedule my time for reading and doing my homework.

Electricity is the other most important thing in my life. If there is no electricity, I cannot do things like reading books, charging my phone and more. If we read books in the dark, our eyesight will deteriorate and we have to wear spectacles.

In conclusion, I cannot live without these three things - my mobile phone, electricity and books, because are important to me.

Tan Shinyi LS2WAM

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