Terror of the night

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Terror of the Night

The earth cried out in agony, as rhythmic steps of the tremendous reptile were heard. The cracks on the road were spreading at the speed of lightning. People were going berserk running in different directions to avoid getting crushed by the massive reptile. Horns began to blare and cars swerved to get out of the way although some were already flattened.

The creature had eyes like slits, and its enormous head shifted to the left and to the right while the big gap opened, revealing two rows of razor-sharp teeth that produced a stinking odour, which made all living things wither before leaving them lifeless. Its eyes settled on a neon green-coloured sign not more than a few yards away. The scaly claws started to move mechanically, as if there were clockworks in them, towards the neon sign that stood out in the darkening sky.

In one immense motion, a gigantic foot with massive claws stormed the entrance of the petrol station. It grabbed a car with its razor-edged talons furiously and tossed it over its head tyrannically, causing the fuel pump to dislodge from it as a shower of fuel rained down on the hulking beast. It lost balance and slipped on the concrete. The earth shook, and soon the concrete could not hold on much longer and gave way under the tremendous weight of the monster, leaving it to bathe itself in a pool of petrol.

All of a sudden, a smoking cigarette butt ignited the golden liquid, and orange red flames started to rise, spreading out a sea of red and orange. The creature bellowed roars of pain through a quietness of the black blanket, slicing the silence and waking sleeping mortals from their sleep a thousand kilometers away. The hiding onlookers watched the tortured monster in the inferno which was slowly devouring the hulking body.

The creature struggled helplessly in the sea of flames, trying to escape from the cage of fire. At last, the reptile could not hold back any longer. It let out its last roar and everything went silent, except for the cracking of the fire, picking the bones of the dead monster.

Written by: Debra Wong & Joyce Chiam OX1MM
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