The Great Blob

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Great Blob
John and Tim went to the Great Pink Lake of Goo for a picnic. Who knew it was home of Great Blob.

They had mustard sandwiches and chocolate juice until Great Blob came.

‘Who dare to come to my home?’ boomed Great Blob.

John and Tim looked at it and laughed so hard the sky fell down.

‘Disrespectful humans! Honour me or I’ll make sure you run away terrified!’

‘At least let us have our lunch, O’ Great One,’ they told him.

‘Fine,’ it said.

They whispered to each other. ‘Now what?’ asked John.

‘Don’t worry, I have a plan,’ said Tim.

‘O’ Great One, one of our friends would like to challenge you in a competition of changing shapes,’ said Tim.

‘Hmph, nobody can beat me in changing shapes!’ Great Blob boasted. ‘Watch this!’

He turned into a dragon.

‘And this!’

He turned into a comet.

‘And also this!’

He turned into a tree.

‘O’ Great One, everything you have turned into are awesome, but you must change into what our friend asks!’ exclaimed Tim.

‘WHATEVER!’ shouted Great Blob. It was very angry now.

Tim took out his box of mints. He took one mint out and showed it to Great Blob. ‘If you can turn into this small mint, he would admit defeat,’ said Tim.

Great Blob turned itself, every last piece of him, into the small mint.

‘AHA!’ exclaimed Tim, as he captured not-so-Great-Blob with the box and glued the opening with superglue.

by Davie Jong
OX1M1 2019

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