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The Thirteen Babies
Lina and Lily were twin sisters who liked challenges and adventures. They loved horror stories.  If it was 13th July  and it was a Saturday and there was a full moon, then there would be thirteen babies crying. The crying started when the clock struck twelve midnight. That was when the blood moon appeared. However, it was just a story. Nobody knew why it happened or whether it was real.

After Lina and Lily heard the story, they were curious and wanted to explore whether the story of the thirteen babies were real or not. That night, the twins had the same strange dream. In the dream, they found a book in the backyard of their house. It was a very old book. It had a record of the thirteen babies. The second night, after a hard day’s work, Lina and Lily returned home and went to bed.  Sometime in the night, both woke up.  They went to the backyard and started to dig a hole. After they’d dug a hole three metres down, they found the book. The title of the book was” The truth OF Legends”. In it, they found the story of the thirteen babies.

According to the book, the thirteen babies were real. Long ago, at a village, natural disaster was the norm. The villagers used thirteen babies as sacrifice to appease the gods. The thirteen babies became ghosts and this village was where Lina and Lily lived. The next day, Lina and Lily invited their friends Tina, Daisy and Rosy over to their house. The twin sisters told their friends the story. Lily and Lina decided to investigate and ascertain the truth. That day was 13th July and there would be a full moon. They prepared silver church crucifixes and wore clothes that were red and black in coloured. According to the book, these were what the thirteen babies were afraid of.

At twelve o’clock, Lina and Lily arrived at the place where the thirteen babies would appear. It was a big, wide field where people could see the full moon very clearly. When it was midnight, the full moon turned into blood red. The thirteen babies were suppose to appear in the field. Lina and Lily hid behind the bushes next to a tree. The stones turned into babies. They started to cry. After five minutes, they morphed into smoke and disappeared.
Lina and Lily went home, excited and they couldn’t wait to tell their friends. However, the next day, both of them forgot everything about the thirteen babies. Why did they forgot everything?

by Ching Jia Chee and Toh Wei En
OX1M1 2019    
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