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Trinity Graded Examinations in Spoken English (GESE)

What is GESE?

The Graded Examinations in Spoken English GESE test candidates' ability in listening and speaking. They are one-to-one oral examinations with a native English-speaking Trinity examiner who travels from the UK.

Our credentials

Trinity is one of the world's oldest external Examinations Boards, dating back to 1876.
We examine in 55 countries around the world from Italy to Japan via China and Hong Kong!  Our exams are oral - the most useful skill today, and that with the brightest future!  Your centre - one of several thousand Trinity Centres worldwide - can tell you more about all the universities and companies that are familiar with Trinity certificates around the world.

Our Exams

Our 12 grades are divided into 4 stages to cover the widest range of language needs and ability, so there is a level for every-one whether you are 7 or 70, beginner to advanced.

As you pass a stage, Trinity adds an extra task to the exam so that you can show better what you know - but we always you choose what you want to talk about We think you should pass exams and that certificates should reflect what you know, so your teacher will recommend the grade that is best for you.  In this way most candidates pass their Trinity exams and motivated to continue their studies- success breeds success.

GESE - the prepared topic

At Grade 4 and above candidates prepare a topic.  

  • Have a spontaneous conversation with the examiner
  • Show what they can do in English

At Grade 7-12, they not only present a topic but lead a discussion.

Your Preparation

You and your teacher need to focus on the language requirements of the grade in your preparation for your topic.  And because you prepare what you yourself have chosen to talk about-hobbies, interests, work etc, - this is a lot more fun!
These exams develop confidence in presentations and interactive communication skills in English.

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