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Voon Hian Zing P6

ELC's Got Talent

The Rescue!

The big bully twisted my arm behind my back, until I thought it would break. Then he said, "Keep quiet!". I was terrified. He gave my arm another twist. I almost cried out because of the sharp pain. Then he pushed me into the toilet and locked the door.

I almost fainted. I remembered where I was. I was in the school toilet. It was Wednesday, after extra school tuition. It was late and there were not many people around. I had gone to the school toilet to answer a call of nature and this was when I encountered the bully.

I quickly shouted, "Help! Help!", but no one answered me. So, I decided to break the door down and get out of this dirty place. I punched the door hard over and over again. My hands bled but I failed to break down the door. I felt hopeless and tired. I cried loudly in the toilet.

Suddenly, I heard a ring tone from my mobile. I almost forgot I had bought my mobile to school secretly. I quickly received the call. Thank goodness, it was my mother. My mother scolded me for not going home. I told her I had been locked in the school toilet. My mother reported this matter to the police. About thirty minutes later, the police came to my school to rescue me. I thanked them profusely.

I was very happy that I was rescued from the school toilet. The big bully was expelled from school after this incident.

Voon Hian Zing, Primary 6

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