Wong Hui Mei

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I've always been a firm believer that English is more than just a language.  To be able to master the English language opens up so many doors and opportunities, be it socially, professionally or simply in terms of furthering one's education.

I used to be very shy, fumbling for words and tripping over my own tongue when it came to speaking English, but ELC has taught me to be proficient in listening, speaking, reading and writing in English.  ELC also teaches beyond the standard Malaysian school curriculum, such as exploring creative writing techniques, working on long-term group projects and instilling a love for reading in its students.

ELC differs from many other tuition centres not simply in the quality of the teaching it delivers, but also in the many unique experiences I've gained from studying at ELC.  Not only have I written and acted in a class play back in Cambridge 5, I've also been interviewed on Red FM about my favourite book and been given the chance to listen to talks hosted by Malaysian authors at ELC itself.

In 2013, I won the Grand Prize of the Scholastic Writers' Award, and I can truthfully say that ELC has contributed largely to my success.  ELC's claim to providing a high quality English education has been tested and proven.

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